One simple package with one simple price

In today's digital world, an athletic department's website serves as the main authoritative source for information and fan engagement opportunities. A PressboxU website is a web solution designed within a content management platform so that sports administration professionals are able to post news, schedules, rosters, stats, and other general information to the web with little prior website experience. The system was designed by a web developer and sports administration professional, and tailored to fit the small college or high school athletic program.

The system and cost structure was designed with the small athletic budget in mind. It doesn't include every bell and whistle that is on the market, because not every small athletic department wants or needs all of the features that drive up the costs of other systems. A PressboxU website does, however, offer enough zing to impress your fan base. 

The Basics

  • Our newest websites feature a custom responsive design that displays and performs well in all shapes and sizes, and on all devices.
  • Ability for logged-in users to create/edit all site content.
  • Revision system allows older content to be restored if needed.
  • Ability to limit certain types of content to certain user roles.
  • Upload sponsor ads to highlight program supporters.


  • Tagging of articles to display in sections of the website that correspond with the tag.
  • Ability to associate articles with multiple sports.
  • News feed that can be set to display only articles that fall within a set date/number criteria. Pager system to browse through archived articles.
  • Slideshow of news articles accompanied by banner on front page of each major section.
  • Ability to postdate articles.


  • Automatics archiving of rosters and schedules. Users can select to display various seasons using filter tool on schedule/roster page for each sport.
  • Schedules include dynamically generated records.
  • Opponents are represented by school logo.
  • Dynamic scoreboard/ticker to display recent results.


  • Automatic archiving of rosters and schedules. Users can select to display various seasons using filter tool on schedule/roster page for each sport.
  • Include team photo on rosters.
  • Player bio pages with photo for each student-athlete.

Staff Directory

  • Coach bio pages affiliated with respective sport.


  • Upload video highlights to be viewable in library or on front page of major sections.
  • Embed video streams for live events.


  • Embed stats files into stat archive.


  • Recruiting form for perspective student-athletes to submit.
  • E-mails are sent to select coaches based on sport selected by perspective student-athlete.


  • Customer support at no extra cost for the life of the current hosting service (12 months) agreement.